Working From Home

Essential Training Modules

It’s said that you should treat your house like an office when Working From Home.

Believe it or not, this is a requirement by law.

As commercial businesses respond to COVID19 and employees become spread throughout a diverse range of dwellings, few may be aware that an employee’s home is treated as a workplace under Work Health & Safety laws.

Now more than ever, your employees need to know you care

Go beyond ticking off a checklist

Show your consideration your employees physical and mental wellbeing

Minimise your legal exposure


Avoid Liability

Reduce Risk

Maximise Life Safety

Minimise Exposure

Users can complete training in their own time

Modular and scalable to any requirements or size of an organisation

Training can be completed through a smart phone or tablet device

User progress and performance tracking functions

To help show you care, we have three simple digital training modules that can be sent remotely to staff en masse through our HendryIQ training platform.

All with just the click of a button.


Emergency Planning
& Response

  • Risk Management
  • Safety and Security
  • Safety Systems
  • Fire Safety Tips
  • Emergency Response

Health, Safety
& Environment

  • Physical Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Psychological Wellbeing

COVID-19 Awareness

  • Basic Hygiene & Guidelines



Employees $15 per user


Employees Get in touch

How it works


Step 1

Upload your list of employees


Step 2

Nominate the Supervisor name and email – to receive reporting access


Step 3

All users will be assigned training modules and automatically receive an email notifying them of their HendryIQ login and module requirements


Step 4

Review Training Status, Completion and Reports



Cost Effective




To help you respond to the legal requirements of Work from Home policies, we’ve created three simple digital training modules that can be sent remotely to staff en masse through our HendryIQ training platform.

This is our custom developed online training platform, offering increased engagement, efficiency in training and scalability in learning and development programs. Engage your staff, contractors or inductees in learning more effectively and efficiently.

Users will also receive real-time data on performance and completion schedules to ensure the effectiveness of training.

Got emergency training?

Hendry have a suite of online modules to meet any Emergency Management or Training requirement.

Pandemic/Contagion Response

Emergency Control Organisation

Chief Warden and Comms Officer

Area Warden and Warden

Occupant: Emergency Procedure Awareness and First Response

EWIS and Comms

Front of House Threat/Intrusion

Fire Extinguisher Training

Contact Sam Rigby, our National Manager Emergency Planning, to discuss the best approach to meet your needs.

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