Why You Should Invest In Digitised Training and Inductions

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Why You Should Invest In Digitised Training and Inductions

If you manage large development projects or a property portfolio, you are responsible for ensuring everyone on site is effectively trained and able to work safely. They could be your staff, occupants or contractors visiting your site.

But quality and efficiency are often low. Training sessions have to be repeated, so expenses are high and frequent. Lack of quality and efficiency puts you and your people at risk, slows down project delivery and interrupts business.

You’re looking for a way to deliver high-quality training that costs less and empowers trainees to retain information for the long term.

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Immersive and digitised training is now possible

Research indicates that common training formats fail to capture location-specific details. Furthermore, they fail to create a clear and repeatable understanding of environmental conditions.

Each site presents a vastly different design and layout of equipment and safety features. If you’re a site manager or property developer, you should capture specifics to keep contractors and visitors up to speed.

According to BMJ Research, skills and knowledge delivered through standard paper or face-to-face training begin to decline in 2 weeks. The data suggests that 87% of certified trainees had ‘ineffective’ knowledge within 6 months.

Training needs to stay fresh and accurate to develop effective responsiveness. But as our technological literacy increases, the way we consume and retain information does too – and so the way we deliver training is forced to evolve.

The ability to communicate information needs modernisation by deploying technologies and digitised features that prioritise the user’s experience. We need to maximise how users engage with and learn from training and inductions.

Hendry IQ: Creating meaningful engagement and outcomes

We’ve developed HendryIQ, our intelligent online training platform, to deliver heightened engagement and stronger learning outcomes. HendryIQ increases engagement and efficiency, resulting in greater knowledge retention and real-time performance and completion data.

Warden training, emergency procedure awareness, first response, threat response and induction are just some of the modules we deliver. We can also create customised solutions for the impact you need.

Doing things digitally creates a world of advantages. It means less time collecting and storing documentation and the ability to issue certificates in real-time. Additionally, you can deploy new training or re-training on-demand and give users access to the platform on the go.

Learnings are scalable and customisable so that you can train for any purpose or organisation size with respect to on-site requirements. Customisability removes time lost during the workday and attends to things that matter.

How HendryIQ can benefit you

The digitised training solutions we’re championing are gaining recognition in our industry, even internationally, for a few key reasons.

Efficiency and cost reduction

Providing information online removes the need for repeat face-to-face sessions. Instead, users complete digitised training independently, generating a greater wealth of data to assess training effectiveness.

You can reduce costs from a safety perspective, too. For example, people who undergo digitised training or inductions are less likely to make mistakes and perform tasks faster, as Google found in their training experiments and Yale University also found. 


A study published in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications in 2015 found that gamified training and learning systems presented exponential value for assessors and management to evaluate training delivery, effectiveness and engagement.

Placing this information in your hands, you can accurately observe, control and manage digitised training for your organisation. From contractors and wardens to occupants or visitors. You can integrate data analysis and reporting tools like our Hendry Client Portal platform to make this possible.

Hendry Client Portal works in sync with HendryIQ, capturing completion data and user metrics to present a clear, on-demand analysis of how each user is progressing and how effective your training is.

Creating immersive digitised training experiences

Creating experiences where the user has direct control transforms training from a passive passing of information to a proactive, user-driven narrative. It helps the user to witness the consequences of their input.

We know the risks of having inadequately trained individuals on-site or in a building. In most cases, the liability falls on the property owner or facility manager. This could be harmful or fatal for staff, occupants, contractors and others.

A safe and risk-free future lies in solutions that generate greater retention and higher transparency backed by research and results.

Train faster, smarter and safer

Did these facts have resonate with you? Get in touch to leverage HendryIQ and our suite of innovative tools.

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