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Safety Measures

System Interface Testing

We appreciate you invest considerable sums of money in ensuring your facilities essential safety measures are maintained and functioning optimally. As you are aware, legislation requires the building owner to provide annual proof of compliance for essential safety measure to operate in an emergency situation by ensuring the performance of the Annual System Interface Testing. Our team at Hendry are experienced and well placed to perform the System Interface Test (Full Function Fire Systems Test) to ensure your requirements for each type of building are met. Documentation issued by statutory authorities (Occupancy Permit, Safety Measures Schedule and AS1851) will determine the specific requirements for the Fire Matrix under the Standard for each building. A system interface test can be disruptive to tenants, we are aware of this problem, so we engage in conversation with the building owners representatives, contractors and tenants to ensure as little inconvenience as possible.

Our services can include witness testing (design criteria confirmed low level), certification testing (verified design criteria medium load) or system interface testing (end to end high performance).

System Interface Testing
System Interface Testing

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