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Safety Measures Logbook

Hendry safety measure logbooks have been developed to ensure that the building owners and occupiers’ statutory obligations are met. Our logbooks are specifically designed to comply with each states and territories legislation.  We provide explanations in our logbooks so you can understand your responsibilities. Our logbooks are purposely designed for non-building control oriented personnel to interpret. Our safety measure logbooks are accessible over the web via our online system allowing you to access your logbooks in real time, email or presented as a hard copy for those who wish to include other documents with their essential safety measure report and Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Our logbooks are tailored for each state and territory’s requirements and includes:

  • An explanation of the owners, managers and occupiers statutory obligations
  • Nominated mandatory compliance dates from statutory documentation
  • Specified Annual Maintenance Statement report dates
  • Safety Measures Schedule
  • Defective essential safety measures listed with photographs
  • Standardised compliance letters for use by the stakeholder
  • Specialist Maintenance Contractors supporting documentation
  • Report defects can be delivered in variable formats
Safety Measure Logbook
Safety Measure Logbook
Safety Measure Logbook

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