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Fire and Smoke Door Inspections 2018-05-01T09:31:43+00:00

Safety Measures

Fire and Smoke Door Inspections

Hendry’s essential safety measure auditors provide you with an independent comprehensive fire and smoke door inspection service. Results of inspections are recorded in our regulatory compliant reports that meet AS1851 logbook requirements and are presented via our online system allowing you to access your information in real time. Since Hendry is not affiliated with any fire door maintenance company, our reports cover the minimum maintenance required to be performed to meet your regulatory obligations. Our inspections ensure fire doors comply with fire rating, integrity, operational effectiveness and hardware requirements detailed within the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards including AS1851. Hendry’s reports provide a detailed list of rectification works and a signed fire door logbook to ensure compliance with each states regulations.

Fire and Smoke Door Inspections
Fire and Smoke Door Inspections

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