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Assessment of Documents

We recognise building owners are faced with a mammoth task of collecting necessary statutory documentation required to comply with essential safety measure regulations for each of their buildings. To assist you, Hendry provides a service establishing a process that allows the signing of the Annual Fire Safety Statement with confidence. In order to achieve this, documents must be obtained from authorities who have issued statutory documentation nominating standards and regulations to comply with.

We provide the following services:

  • Undertake a search of council records and/or obtain copies of occupancy permits, certificates of final inspections or determinations, as built plans and building permits that may have been issued.
  • Review the list of essential safety measures listed on the approval documents for any omissions or changes. Tailor the maintenance regime, reports and schedule in accordance with the approved documents.
  • Create a schedule of essential safety measures that exist in buildings where an Occupancy permit or certificate of final inspections (maintenance determination) has not been created, or available.
  • Determine the appropriate maintenance standard that applies.
  • Review the existing maintenance regime to determine if any savings with reduced frequencies or maintenance levels can be implemented. Assist with changing/adopting these requirements.
  • Determine anniversary dates to enable the reoccurring issue of the state applicable annual sessional safety measures report.
  • Review the status of ‘baseline’ data as currently required by AS1851.
  • Schedule maintenance/inspections in line with the Australian Standard tolerances to coincide with milestones events.
  • In some jurisdictions our building surveyors can re-issue Safety Measure Schedules.
Assessment of Documents
Assessment of Documents
Assessment of Documents
Assessment of Documents

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