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Annual Fire Safety Statements

Hendry’s longstanding experience in handling the process leading to the signing of an Annual Fire Safety Statement confirms that you are in good hands. Our team work on small to landmark buildings across many industries, offering expert regulatory know how to ensure you are never late in meeting statutory dates. Most state’s building regulations require the owner or agent to sign an Annual Fire Safety Measure Statement for their building, certifying that the inspection, testing and maintenance of essential safety measures has been performed to the requirements set down in the safety measure schedule/determination or occupancy permit issued by an authority. If an agent signs the statement, the owner is still directly responsible for compliance, record keeping and payment of penalties under the regulations. Hendry safeguards the building owners and managers’ responsibilities by providing a thorough inspection of all passive and egress safety measures in a building. We also provide an overview of the active safety measures that we observe defects as well as conducting System Interface Testing (Full Function Fire Test) all these services support the signing of the Fire Safety Statement.

Annual Fire Safety Statements
Annual Fire Safety Statements

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