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Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation is defined as taking steps to reduce adverse effects. At Hendry we deploy a number of services that are unique to maintaining your business continuity and sustainability, whilst eliminating liability. It is important to develop innovative strategies that closely relates to and matches your organisations risk profile.

Hendry risk mitigation services typically use one of the four risk mitigation principles ‘Risk Avoidance’.  Risk avoidance means actions that avoid any exposure to the risk. Risk avoidance is what Hendry Group has built its foundations on.

    Tech and Innovation

    We use fully mobilised data capture and safety measures assessment tools that integrate your data to a fully customisable online dashboard.  We collect your data and empower you to use it or view it in any way that assists you in managing your occupancy compliance i.e. asset management or safety measures compliance.  Consider additional services that can be seamlessly integrated into our Dashboard by the Asset Optimisation Services that will provide you with a comprehensive asset management and assessment functionality.

    Benefits to the client:

    • Highly skilled technical capability in all states and territories
    • Professional understanding of all state legislation and safety measures requirements
    • Licensed practitioners in all states and territories
    • High level of risk mitigation/assurance capacity
    • Comprehensive professional indemnity insurance
    • Long term historical track record
    • Capacity to provide consistent reliable services nationally
    • Online data access services and extensive knowledge base

    Point of difference to our competitors

    • Higher level technical staff who are suitably qualified or experienced in all instances
    • National capability to deliver to high risk and high profile organisations
    • Integration of our assessment data seamlessly into online dashboard services
    • Track record of successful risk mitigation for our clients for over 30 years

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