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NSW – DA Regulations Explained 2016-10-20T11:43:54+00:00

New South Wales

The Disability Access Provisions for Buildings

The disability access provisions for buildings, which came into effect in May 2011 in the Building Code of Australia, will have a major impact on building owners, and the property industry generally, and disability access consulting expertise will be required by all built environment stakeholders in complying with the new requirements when refurbishments, major maintenance works or alterations are needed.

Hendry Disability Access Consultants provide expert consultancy services in relation to disability access, access audits and BCA compliance, and where there is a sound case for doing so, alternative solutions as a means of achieving it.

Hendry Disability Access Consultants are qualified building surveyors registered to operate throughout the whole of Australia. Our knowledge of the Access Code (Premises Standards) and the Building Code of Australia place us in a unique situation as Disability Access Consultants, since we can also issue the statutory building permit, building approval, building licence or construction certificate required for any building works that concern or involve disability access provisions.

As part of our efforts to educate and enlighten industry practitioners, Hendry Disability Access Consultants have recently presented a series of seminars.

For a copy of the NSW specific PowerPoint presentation, click on the image below.