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Building Legislation : Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

A building owner, occupier or owners agent for a building inherits obligations under the Western Australian Building Legislation, Building Code of Australia and Occupational Health and Safety legislation to ensure building works, alterations, occupation of a building and the inspection, testing and maintenance of nominated essential safety measures are complied with as required.

The following table provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the legislation for the building control process, essential safety measures documents and occupational health and safety.

Building Legislation

Acts Regulations Definition Essential Safety Measures Parameters New/Old Building Responsibility for Compliance Method of Compliance
Building Act 2011 Part 7 –
Existing Building
Building Regulations 2012
Building Code
of Australia
All building


Building Legislation Documents

Building Permit Process Building Permit Flowchart
Building Approval Document Building Permit
Application For Building Permit – Certified
Application For Building Permit – Uncertified
Certificate of Design Compliance
Application For Demolition Permit
Demolition Permit
Notice and Request for Consent to Work Affecting Other Land
Application For Demolition Permit
Building Approval Certificate – Strata
Application For Building Approval Certificate – Strata
Notice of Completion
Notice of Cessation
Occupational Approval Document Occupancy Permit
Application For Occupancy Permit
Certificate of Construction Compliance
Certificate of Building Compliance
Building Approval Certificate
Application For Building Approval Certificate
Application for Building Approval Certificate (Strata)
Occupancy Permit – Strata
Application For Occupancy Permit – Strata
Occupancy Permit Process Occupancy Permit Flowchart


Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Acts Regulations Parameters New/Old Building Responsibility for Compliance Method of Compliance
Occupational Health and Safety Act 1984 All encompassing Employer/ Self-Employed person/ Body Corporate/ Person that has control of a workplace

Workplace and Access & Egress

Regular risk assessment

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1996 All encompassing Employer/ Main Contractor/ Self-Employed Person, a Person having control of the workplace, Person having control of access Regular risk assessment
Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992 All encompassing Owner and/or Occupier Six monthly and twelve monthly Emergency Lighting/Exit Signs inspection and maintenance to AS2293.2
Fire Brigades Act 1942 All encompassing Occupier or presumed occupier Regular risk assessment
Strata Titles Act


Occupational Health and Safety – Main Codes of Practice

Service Code of Practice
Emergency Planning AS 3745-2010 – Planning for emergencies in facilities
Working at Heights
Confined Spaces Confined Spaces
Confined Spaces Audits
Storage & Racking Pallet Racking
Storage and Racking Audits
Asbestos Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces - Cost of Practice - April 2005 Asbestos Register Audits
Chemicals Storage Hazardous Substances
Chemical Storage Audits
Cooling Systems Cooling Systems
Cooling System Audits
Machinery Guarding Safeguarding of Machinery and Plant - Code of Practice - 2009 Machinery Guarding Audits