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Essential Safety Measures Identification

Hendry safety measures auditors are well versed in essential safety measures identification for all types of buildings in each State and Territory under current and previous regulations including the Building Code of Australia.

Establishment of the essential safety measures contained in a building ensures that inspections, maintenance and the reporting system developed provides the outcomes required, that ensures compliance with the regulations. Some states have previously nominated the Building Code of Australia, as the principal legislation governing essential safety measures. The BCA was applicable for all buildings up to May 2014. Other building elements can also be nominated as essential safety measures under local regulations, including performance solutions under the building approval system which may result in essential safety measures being created and nominated. Essential safety measures in the main are nominated by building surveyors/certifiers. Hendry has the knowledge and experience to identify essential safety measures in all types of buildings.

The following are typical essential safety measures that may be installed in a building depending on the building’s age, occupancy permit requirements, classification, alternative solutions, type of construction, height, floor area and Maintenance Determination or Maintenance Schedule issued: