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WHS 05 – What are Confined Space Audits? 2016-11-07T12:14:36+00:00


What are Confined Space Audits?

AUST  Working in a confined space with restricted area for entry or exit could pose high risk for the worker. Confined Space Audits is essential to mitigate the risk in working in these areas and to ensure work is carried out safely. Hendry assessors advise that Confined Spaces are assessed on a strict criteria as defined in AS 2865- 1995. However if an area or structure is deemed not to be a confined space it still may be classified as a high risk work area for Work Health Safety. Work Place Safety Assessors can undertake a confined space audit and risk assessment to advise employers and property owners of any risk.

Hendry assessors conduct Confined Space Audits for companies across industries such as Manufacturing, Storage/Logistics, Mining, Construction, Heavy Industrial, Utilities and Oil and Gas. Where working in Confined Space is required, our assessors assist employers, managers and workplace supervisors in the auditing (confined space), interruption and implementation of the legislation and regulatory requirements governing the safe workplace practices required to work in Confined Spaces.

Current legislation and Standards governing Confined Space include:

  • The relevant Occupational Health and Safety Act for your State or Territory
  • The relevant Occupational Health and Safety Regulations for your State Territory
  • Australian Standard 2865-2009 Confined Spaces
  • Australian Standard 1891.2
  • Australian Standard 4488 (under certain circumstances)
  • Local Codes of Practice and Work Safe Guidance notes (Confined Spaces).

Confined Space work can be high risk, we can assist in developing the risk mitigation strategies necessary (via Confined Space) to ensure the work in confined space is carried out safely, and in accordance with your regulatory compliance obligations through the conducting of Confined Space Audits.

Confined Space services provided by us include:

  • Confined Space Registers
  • Confined Space Audits
  • Confined Space Policy and Procedures
  • Confined Space Risk Assessments

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