Principal Pedestrian Entrance for People with Disabilities

AUST  In any building, whilst the rear entrance from a car park is normally used by a majority of persons attending the building by car, the front entrance would still be considered the principal pedestrian entrance since not all persons will travel by car. The use of the rear entrance would discriminate against those persons who require disability access and do not use this mode of transport.

For the construction of a new building, the Building Code of Australia requires under Clause D3.2 for access for people with a disability to be provided to the building from the allotment boundary, from another building on the allotment and from an accessible car parking space on the allotment.

Alterations however, to an existing building that requires an “affected part” upgrade under the Premises Standards, only applies to the principal pedestrian entrance and therefore does not apply to the existing access ways to the entrance from the allotment boundary, another building on the allotment or from an accessible car parking space on the allotment. The principal pedestrian entrance only includes the doorway, external steps and ramps which are associated with the entrance and which forms part of the building.

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