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March 2017

As Built Drawings and Base Data Under AS1851

AUST  Hendry advises building owners, property professionals and practitioners that a building which has been issued with an Occupancy Permit, Schedule/ Determination or Certificate of Final Inspection that requires maintenance of essential safety measures to AS 1851-2005/2012 needs specific attention.

The essential safety measures required to be maintained can be divided into two general areas known as active (fire services) and passive (fire rated structures).

For the passive fire and smoke containment systems, AS 1851-2005 requires baseline data to be established and verified against in a maintenance activity. The new amendment to AS 1851-2012 requires baseline data to be used in a maintenance activity if it exists.  In order to comply with AS 1851, a survey of the building is required to create marked plan drawings (As Built Drawings) with associated penetration schedules.

We recommend that a visual inspection and survey of the building be undertaken to identify fire and smoke containment elements to be included in as built drawings such as:

  • Fire and smoke barriers such as walls floors, ceilings and bulkheads
  • Structural fire resistant elements such as beams, columns, etc
  • Fire doors and smoke doors
  • Fire shutters
  • Fire rated glazing
  • Access panels and ceiling hatches in fire rated elements
  • Ducts and dampers
  • Fire service penetrations and control joints

Hendry recommends all as built drawings to be marked to identify or locate the relevant fire and smoke containment systems/ structural elements and the associated fire resistance level (FRL) requirements.

A penetration schedule (penetrations in fire resisting structures) is suggested to be created to identify the associated FRL requirements and penetrations through fire/ smoke containment systems that correspond with the plans.

Once the above as built drawings documentation has been created, the information must be validated  whilst undertaking ongoing fire safety measures maintenance inspections in line with any building approval documents.  Any variations to the building will require the as built drawings to be updated and amended accordingly.

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