Air Conditioning Systems are Essential Safety Measures


AUST  Hendry advises the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in Part E2 ‘Smoke Hazard Management’ sets out the criteria for a mechanical air handling system (otherwise known as an air conditioning systems) to be installed in a building
An air conditioning system must safeguard the occupiers of a building from sickness or loss of amenity due to the lack of fresh air. Air conditioning systems must be nominated as essential safety measures in statutory legislation.

/ Building Code of Australia
Air conditioning systems installed in a building which do not form part of a smoke hazard management system must comply with BCA clause E2.2 General requirements, this clause contains smoke control provisions. Air conditioning systems must be installed in accordance with:

  • AS/NZS 1668.1:1998 The use of ventilation and air conditioning in buildings – Fire and smoke control in multi compartment buildings
  • AS 1668.2-2002 The use of ventilation and air conditioning in buildings – Ventilation design for indoor air containment control
  • AS/NZS 3666.1:2002 Air-handling and water systems of buildings – Microbial control – Design, installation and commissioning.

The following photograph depicts an air conditioning systems plant in a plant room of a multi-storey building.


Essential Safety Measures Audit
Maintenance of an air conditioning system must be sufficient for the air handling equipment to deliver adequate amounts of fresh outdoor air with sufficient circulation and to remove containments.

A check by the essential safety measures auditor of the building surveyors/ certifiers essential safety measures determination/ schedule will reveal the air conditioning systems are nominated as an essential safety measure, and will have to be maintained by AS/NZS 3666.2:2002 Air-handling and water systems of buildings – Microbial control – Operation and maintenance.

The essential safety measures auditor must check the mechanical contractor’s air conditioning systems logbook to ascertain whether inspections, testing and maintenance are being carried out as required to ensure fire safety compliance. Any deficiencies in the air conditioning systems should be registered in the building’s essential safety measures logbook to allow signing of the Annual Statement, Annual Certificate of Compliance, Annual Fire Safety Statement, Annual Maintenance Statement, Annual Occupiers Statement and Annual Verification Certificate.

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