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ESM – 27
March 2017

Essential Services Terms and Annual Fire Safety Statements

AUST Regulatory requirements for states and territories. Currently each Australian State and Territory Government is responsible for establishing the requirements for the servicing of passive, egress and fire protection systems and equipment nominated as essential safety measures in statutory documents relative to their buildings. The Federal Government is responsible for Commonwealth land and buildings, regardless of which State or Territory the land is located in.

Each State or Territory establishes this control through an Act of Parliament, and this is their primary form of legislation. These Acts in turn, authorise the making of Regulations to administer the Act. Put simply, the Act establishes the principles and objectives for compliance, while the Regulations detail how these objectives are to be achieved.

Regulations, in turn, reference external documents such as Codes or Standards in whole, in part or in modified form. This allows for documents such as the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia) and Australian Standards to form part of the regulatory and essential safety measures regime, of each State or Territory.

The following nominates each states defined term for essential services and where applicable the mandatory annual fire safety statement.

Essential Services Terms and Annual Fire Statement

State or TerritoryDefined Term for Essential Safety MeasuresName of Annual Statement
ACTActive Fire Safety SystemsAnnual Verification Certificate
NSWEssential Fire Safety MeasuresAnnual Fire Safety Certificate
NTSafety Measures (previous NCC reference)None Exists
QLDFire Safety Installations and Special Fire ServicesAnnual Occupiers Statement
SAEssential Safety ProvisionsAnnual Certificate of Compliance
TASEssential Safety and Health Features / MeasuresAnnual Maintenance Statement
VICEssential Safety MeasuresAnnual Essential Safety Measures Report
WASafety MeasuresNone Exists

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