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Essential Safety and Health Features and Measures Maintenance

TAS  Hendry advises that the maintenance of Essential Safety and Health Features & Measures is contained in the Building Act 2000, the General Fire Regulations 2010 (GFR), Building Regulations 2004 and Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Recent legislation changes have resulted in maintenance requirements falling within the new Building Regulations 2004 along with the existing General Fire Regulations 2010. The Building Regulations 2004 requires that a building surveyor who issues an Occupancy Permit for a building is to determine for and attach to the occupancy permit a schedule of the prescribed essential safety and health features and measures appropriate to the building.

An occupier and/ or owner of the building must now maintain or cause to be maintained the prescribed essential safety and health features and measures applicable to the building. This applies to all features or measures that are found within a building; even whether or not building work has been carried out on the building i.e. where the building was constructed or alterations completed prior to the commencement of the new legislation. A current annual maintenance statement is also to be displayed adjacent to the occupancy permit of the building that is in a prominent place at the principal public entrance area.

In addition safety and health records that relate to maintenance undertaken for the last 10 years must be kept in a secure place away from the building, with a copy kept on site and accessible by authorities.

Applicable to all Class 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 buildings.


  1. Obtain copies of lists of fire safety and health features/measures installed in the building.
  2. Ensure statutory requirements of the regulations are met for all fire safety and health features/measures to be tested in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.
  3. Ensure Occupancy Permits are displayed within a prominent position at the principal public entrance.
  4. Ensure an annual maintenance statement is displayed adjacent the occupancy permit within 14 days of the Occupancy Permit or within 1 year from the date of the commencement of the regulations.
  5. Ensure testers hold the required relevant valid Commission permit as an approved person.
  6. Ensure logbooks are developed and implemented to reflect the regulation requirements and record all pertinent information.
  7. Ensure an evacuation plan is incorporated in the essential safety measures logbook.

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