EP 13- Issues Concerning Emergency Planning Obligations for all Stakeholders2017-03-30T15:22:52+00:00

March 2017


Issues Concerning Emergency Planning Obligations for all Stakeholders

AUST  Hendry advises all stakeholders (facility owners, occupiers and employers) responsible for the implementation of AS 3745 -2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities of a number of deficiencies being overlooked in the Standards implementation. These oversights will cause all stakeholders grieve in the event of injury or loss of life during an emergency which required the facility to be evacuated safely in accordance with AS 3745-2010.

A number of stakeholders appear not to:

  • Keep evacuation diagrams up to date: by ignoring the relevancy date, alterations to the building and necessary updates to the emergency plan.=
  • Understand that under AS 3745-2010 the facility owner has the same obligations as the facility occupier.
  • Appoint an Emergency Planning Committee responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of all documentation and training
  • Ensure the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) warden structure is relevant to the occupancy hours of the facility.
  • Consider the needs of occupants who may be present outside the normal hours of business.
  • Implement a training program that caters for all occupants, across all shifts.
  • Develop a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP’s) for people with disabilities and disseminating the information to those responsible for implementing PEEP’s
  • Establish an alternate Assembly Area
  • Conduct post incident debriefs
  • Ensure facility occupants attend appropriate training at a frequency relevant to their role:- ECO members – 6 monthly
    – Facility occupants  – 12 monthly
    – First-attack firefighting team members – 24 monthly
    – Specialist emergency response team members – 24 monthly
  • Ensure an on-going program of emergency response exercisers is developed and implemented, with the aim of having:- all areas of a facility participating in at least one exercise involving an evacuation each year, and
    – all occupants participating in at least one emergency response exercise each year
  • Ensure the emergency plan and associated elements are inspected, tested and routinely serviced (AS 1851 provides guidance on these activities)

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