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Virtual Inspections

Hendry’s adoption and integration of 360-degree imaging and virtual reality technology into our inspection process provides our clients with an accessible, comprehensive and dynamic understanding of their assets.

We can consolidate BCA, risk and condition inspections to maximise the benefit you receive. The immersive models developed from the inspections are stored on an interactive cloud-based web portal, allowing you to inspect the asset from anywhere with a web browser or mobile device. Hendry’s Virtual Inspection tool provides significant cost and time saving, improves data accuracy and provides you the information to make defensible prioritisation decisions. By consolidating the inspections into one visit, we can minimise your site disruptions.

By utilising the latest in digital technology, Hendry’s premium inspection service delivery can provide you with a more comprehensive and dynamic understanding of your property. Our team of experts now have the ability to inspect and review your property from numerous aspects, saving detailed information and images for historical reflection and/or further investigations. By working with you, we are able to tailor a range of solutions to fit your specific property compliance requirements, whilst enabling you to also benefit from the flexibility and functionality of real time data.


  • Cost effective

  • Location accessibility

  • Extensive photographic archiving

  • Real time information

  • Transparency and visability

  • Interactive reporting

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