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Interactive Dashboard

Hendry’s client dashboard is an interactive cloud-based platform delivering clients real time information about their assets.

The dashboard is fully customisable to ensure it is relevant to your requirements, and can be used to link and store spreadsheets, databases, reports, video, photos, maps, and plan permits. The customisation and interactive nature of the dashboard allows Hendry’s clients to make the right business expenditure decisions at the right times. You can use the dashboard to look at a high-level overview of your portfolio, or drill down to review specific assets or locations. The selection is presented in an accessible and interactive manner that can be used from board level to the property or facilities manager’s office.

Interactive Dashboard

Features of the Hendry Interactive Dashboard:

  • Fully customisable reporting

  • Real time data

  • Interactive and easy to interpret

  • Time and cost savings

  • Lifecycle projections

  • Higher level of accuracy

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