Introducing HendryIQ – our online and on-demand training platform. Now more than ever, your ability to meet the demands of your organisation digitally matters. 

Compliance and response readiness trained staff are vital for any build. Our technology is customisable to your sites, team and organisation objectives. 

Hendry IQ- MOCK UP


Developed by emergency planning and preparedness experts, HendryIQ increases engagement, efficiency and scalability in learning and development programs. Engage your staff, contractors and inductees. Learn and receive real-time data on performance and completion schedules.

Tailored Training

Access tailored training modules developed specifically for your organisation's sites and needs.  

Accessible Anywhere

Flexible on-demand training empowers trainees to access modules anytime, from anywhere.


Ensure emergency response proficiency via engaging training modules and knowledge assessments.


Deliver cost-effective consistent training – no matter the location, role or time of delivery.

Repeatable Training

Stay up-to-date with your site's emergency procedures – revisit or repeat the training as required.

Automated Reporting

View trainee performance and engagement via customised reporting and dashboards.


On-demand training custom-designed for your outcomes. Example modules include:

  • Site and role induction – Chief Warden, Warden, Comms Officer
  • Organisation emergency control
  • Occupant: Emergency procedure awareness and first response
  • Front of house threat/intrusion
  • Additional role-specific training
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Customised training content
Hendry IQ - Module mockup