Hendry Warden Management

Hendry Warden Management

Do you know if your building’s warden details are up-to-date? Are you confident they’re trained? Will they be on-site to manage an emergency should it arise?

Hendry’s Warden Management platform simplifies warden management, training and currency through one simple, easy-to-use digital register. 

Hendry Warden Management dashboard
Hendry Warden Management and Hendry Client Portal


  • Automated, self-managed warden list
  • Accessible anywhere, any time, on any device
  • Digitally accessible emergency management plans
  • Digitally accessible personal emergency evacuation plans
  • Single emergency documentation repository
  • Hendry training and reporting platform integration

How it works

Ensure your warden levels are maintained and your wardens are trained. Access customised hierarchy creation and multiple functions to update, register and qualify users. Automated controls are in place to ensure we meet your organisation’s and asset’s requirements.


Access real-time reporting via Hendry Warden Management and via the Hendry Client Portal. Standard reports include:

  • Real-time preparedness, by site
  • Warden training percentage and currency, by individual, site or account
  • Warden shortfall reporting, by site or account
  • First aider percentage and currency, by account or site
  • Individual warden details and status
Hendry Warden Management and Hendry Client Portal reporting dashboard in Hendry Client Portal.