Hendry has taken out a top spot at this year’s Australian Financial Review “Most Innovative” Awards, placing 6th in the Property, Construction & Transport category and rounding out a hat trick by placing in the list over the last three years consecutively.

We want to say congratulations to our valued clients and property leading peers Investa, Charter Hall and Dexus for well deserved placements in the top 10.

This years’ winning entry recognises Hendry’s suite of digital Emergency Planning and Management solutions, including the recently unveiled Emergency Response and Broadcast app “headsup”.

This latest addition to the company’s suite of digital tools has greatly improves the way we respond to emergencies, decreasing the time taken to respond to an emergency and enact response procedures & communicate with occupants, as well as improve the ability to preserve and protect life safety, along with holding a sound record of the event.

These will augment the way we respond to emergencies in the COVID-19 Normal setting as we continue to ensure we at the forefront of workplace compliance health and safety needs and delivery.

National Manager for Emergency Planning, Sam Rigby, played a key role in the development of the organisation’s suite of digital tools and resources, saying:

“The changing nature of threats and emergencies has been a sort of catalyst to many of us. It’s a wake-up call to evolve the way we handle emerging or existing risks and emergencies and we believe that the first place to start is by developing on the technologies that we’ve already been using in our daily lives to streamline, automate and improve other areas of safety and compliance.”

Hendry’s Emergency Planning team has been recognised throughout industry for leading innovations across a suite of emergency planning, training and response tools. Each service, Hendry says, is specifically designed to support an end-to-end approach to emergency planning and management.

Headsup complements the existing Warden Management System, a fully digital platform that enables hierarchical warden management, and automated training & verification, as well as HendryIQ app, a digital & interactive emergency training platform.

Headsup is the final ‘piece of the puzzle’ in an end-to-end digital emergency scenario. Where Wardens can be assigned, verified, trained and now carry out the emergency response – with real-time analytics at each stage. Doing away with the inefficient and frankly risky paper-based methods of yesteryear.

Our investment in industry leading digital emergency management and training solutions has meant that we possessed a significant competitive advantage from the onset of COVID-19 in our ability to meet the needs of our market as it forcibly moved digitally.

We have also been able to save some of our critical sector clients, such as aged care and hospitals, from the liability gap that existed following the immediate spotlight on health and compliance, as well as an inability for alternate providers to meet their emergency needs digitally.

Interim CEO Bevan Nicholson stated that the achievement was “recognition for the outstanding presentation of technical expertise of our team and the manner in which they translate that expertise into innovative solutions delivery to benefit our clients. For our business, technology is a critical element in supporting and enhancing our service offerings and a key factor in how we tackle emerging challenges and compliance needs such as the changing nature of emergencies, in a smarter way”

For more information on the ways Hendry is supporting businesses with their emergency planning, management and training, visit our services page on our website or contact our National Manager for Emergency Planning, Sam Rigby, at Sam.Rigby@hendry.com.au

Find out more about our full suite of Emergency Planning, Training and Management Solutions HERE

Take a look at headsup.