Take control of every second in an emergency

The Emergency Response and Broadcast app allowing you to manage emergencies and optimise life safety through a one touch workflow.

Headsup is the app that helps you make things right when things go wrong.


Here's how it all works

Step 1

Identify the emergency

Choose from a list of scenarios or send a customised message with specific details on the incident, location and desired response.

Step 2

Follow the procedure

From the get-go, you'll have an event specific checklist in your hand that tells you exactly what to do; able to send updates on changing conditions so that everyone can act decisively and effectively.

Step 3

Broadcast instructions

Give occupants the heads up and transmit simple instructions to maximise safety. They can sound off "I am safe" and keep you updated on their safety & whereabouts.

Step 4

Alert emergency services

Police, Fire, Ambulance and specific response services are all available through the contact list at the touch of a button.

Step 5

Close the emergency once everyone is safe

Easily close out, resolve or review events and produce reports after the emergency is over and everyone's safety has been verified.

Don’t get kept waiting for updates, Information will be on your screen in real-time to manage the emergency with maximum safety and minimal delay.

No matter where your people are, headsup guarantees that everyone receives the information they need to stay safe and control the emergency.

Take control of every second, leave no room for risk. Give everybody the headsup.


Headsup expands your ability to understand the changing emergency and react decisively, supported at every step of the way.

Emergency reporting and identification

Emergency procedure checklists for personnel

Broadcast instructions to occupants

Escalate to Emergency Services

Response selection ‘I am safe’

Real-time updates and reports available through your dashboard

Top level data security

Geo location

Available on PC and mobile devices

Customisable to your exact requirements

Managing emergencies from start to finish

We've designed headsup to be the go-to tool, supporting emergency response at all times.

Every step of identification, alert, response and reporting has been included in a single workflow for maximum clarity and control.

This was the starting point for headsup: deliver information to the people who need it as quickly as possible. Hendry have taken a resource we carry with ourselves all of the time, our phones, and used it to bring control of emergency response and safety to the palm of your hand.

One straightforward workflow for maximum control

End-to-end Support


Secure Data

Confidential, secure and backed by leading technologies and practices. It's your data and it should stay that way.


Simple Setup

Headsup will be set up for your specific building environment and comes ready with the procedure, broadcast and response features you need.


Immediate Support

The team is always in reach to keep things running as they should be. If there's an issue, or maybe you have a question, give us the HeadsUp and we'll be on the case right away.

Emergencies and threats need to be brought under control immediately. People need the means to evacuate efficiently, while personnel and emergency response need to understand the developing scenario quickly and clearly.

We're using the latest digital tools to ensure everyone has the heads up and can act to maximise safety as soon as possible.

Information needs to be consistent. When you have accurate procedures under your fingers, you can broadcast clear instructions to maximise safety and minimise risk exposure for all.

You'll have live information throughout every stage, able to see developing conditions, threat response and occupant safety to stay one step ahead.

Knowledge is power. Headsup gives you a view of changing conditions in real time to make an effective judgement. Once the emergency is over, you can look back on a complete record of the event and understand everyone followed procedure correctly.

Manage everything in an easy to use, one-touch workflow and control every second in an emergency.

Headsup is the most effective way to manage emergency response at each level, all through the one app ready and in your pocket.

Get the heads up before anyone else!

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