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Fire Rated Shutters

The Building Code of Australia nominates in Part C3 Protection of Openings the installation of fire rated shutters in certain situations for the issuing of building permits/building approvals by building surveyors/building certifiers. Fire rated shutters are nominated as an essential safety measure upon completion of the building works. It is important for an essential safety measures auditor to be aware of the existence of fire rated shutters in a building and its location for fire safety compliance.

Building Code of Australia

Fire rated Shutters are installed in a building to ensure the protection of openings are maintained by ensuring the integrity of fire separation and compartmentisation within a building. BCA clause C3.4 Acceptable Methods of Protection requires fire rated shutters to comply with Specification C3.4.

Specification C3.4 in clause 4 Fire Rated Shutters sets out the design construction and installation requirements of fire rated shutters under the building regulations.

The following photographs depict fire rated shutters installed in buildings.

The following is a part extract of clause I1.1 for an Essential Safety Measure (as appeared in BCA 2013) known as fire rated shutters.

Table I1.1 Safety Measures – Building Fire Integrity

Safety MeasuresBCA Provision for Determining Standard of Performance
Fire ShuttersC3.4, C3.5, D1.7, D1.8

Fire rated shutters must be installed under AS1905.2-2005 Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls – Fire resistant roller shutters, and maintained under AS1851-2005 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment, Section 17 Passive Fire and smoke entertainment systems.

Essential Safety Measures Audit – Fire Rated Shutters

An essential safety measures auditor must have a working knowledge of fire rated shutters under AS 1851-2005 Section 17, and ensure the viewing of the recording system (essential safety measures logbook) of inspection/ testing routines at 3, 6 and 12 monthly intervals for fire rated shutters to allow the signing of the Annual Statement.

The auditor must be aware of walls requiring a fire resistance level so as to look for openings that have fire rated shutters. If unsure the auditor should refer to the building surveyors/ certifier’s essential safety measures determinations/ schedules issued at occupancy stage to determine whether the fire rated shutters have been nominated as an installed (occupation certificate, occupancy permit, certificate of classification and certificate construction compliance) essential safety measure. Fire rated shutters are frequently removed by tenants for convenience during building upgrades.