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Fire Order Notices

Due to the nature of buildings built in the snow fields the Building Code of Australia sets out criteria for fire order notices to be displayed within residential buildings. These fire order notices would be nominated by the building surveyors/ building certifiers in the essential safety measures determination/ schedule before occupancy.

Building Code of Australia

Part G4 Construction in Alpine Areas in clause G4.9, Fire order notices sets out the information to be provided in the fire order notices (signs) these being the operation of the alarm system, location of firefighting equipment, location of exits and procedures for evacuation of the building required for the issuing of a building permit/ building approval.

The following illustration depicts a typical fire order notices location plan.

(Note: Occupiers of a building should be aware that Australian Standard AS 3745-2010 “Planning for emergencies in facilities”, provides specific details for evacuation diagrams and emergency plans well in excess of fire order notices requirements).

The following is a part extract of clause I1.1 for an Essential Safety Measure (as appeared in BCA 2013) known as fire order notices required in Alpine area.


Safety MeasuresBCA Provision for Determining Standard of Performance
Fire orders notices required in Alpine AreasG4.9

Essential Safety Measures Audit – Fire Order Notices

An essential safety measures auditor for fire safety compliance should ensure the fire order notices (signs) are unobstructed and in the nominated locations. All defects apparent within fire order notices should be recorded in the building’s essential safety measures logbook in accordance with the state’s building regulations to allow signing of the Annual Statement, Annual Certificate of Compliance, Annual Fire Safety Statement, Annual Maintenance Statement and Annual Occupiers Statement. Compliance with AS 3745 does not mean fire order notices can be deleted.