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Fire Control Room

A fire control room (fire control centre) is required in a building over 25m in height and if a total floor area exceeds 18,000sqm under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). A building surveyor/ building certifier will nominate a fire control room as an essential safety measure in the statutory essential safety measures schedule required to be issued prior to occupation of the building.

Building Code of Australia

The following part extracts from the Building Code of Australia (BCA) covers the pertinent parts of the BCA clause which govern the fire control room location, protection, contents and maintenance for the issuing of a building approval:

E1.8 Fire control centres

A fire control centre facility in accordance with Specification E1.8 must be provided for –

  1. a building with an effective height of more than 25 m; and
  2. a Class 6, 7, 8 or 9 building with a total floor area of more than 18-000 m2.


  1. SCOPE
    This Specification describes the construction and content of required fire control centresand fire control rooms. A fire control is a fire control centrein a dedicated room with additional specific requirements. Clauses 2 to 5 apply to fire control centres (including fire control room). Clauses 6 to 12 apply additional requirements to a fire control room.

The following illustration depicts the size and contents of a fire control room.

The following is a part extract of Clause I1.1 for an Essential Safety Measure (as appeared in BCA 2013) known as fire control room:


Safety MeasuresBCA Provision for Determining Standard of Performance
Fire control centres (fire control room)E1.8

Essential Safety Measures Audit – Fire Control Room

A fire control room (fire control centre) is provided and nominated as an essential safety measure to ensure the fire brigade has dedicated facilities where required in buildings classified a class 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (see BCA A3.2 Classifications) to ensure fire safety compliance. An essential safety measure auditor must understand that the fire control room provides for fire-fighting operations to be directed, and therefore must contain necessary controls, telephones, furniture and equipment. The fire control room must not be used for other purposes, especially storage; regular inspections must be recorded in the essential safety measures logbook to allow for signing the Annual Statement, Annual Certificate of Compliance, Annual Fire Safety Statement, Annual Maintenance Statement and Annual Occupiers Statement.