CEO Emma Hendry has been selected as the winner amidst a list of international executives and entrepreneurs, taking out two categories in the Women in PropTech global awards held in New York.

The Women in PropTech organisation “is built to inspire the success of next-generation female leaders interested in the future of the built environment.”

During the awards night, led by founder Nikki Greenberg, the global organisation awarded Ms. Hendry across two categories; “Think Different” and “Champions & Mentors”, recognising her work in innovating within the building and construction industry and equally for her stance as a mentor to aspiring women in business and frequent speaker and program leader on matters of diversity, inclusivity and equality.

The “Think Different” category awards “the most creative solution to an old problem for the real estate industry.” In selecting Ms. Hendry as the recipient, the organisation observed the company’s work in challenging the traditional business model for the built-form and their introduction of a collaborative “whole-of-life” model backed by innovative technologies.

Upon accepting this accolade, Ms. Hendry reiterated her commitment to the development and implementation of PropTech as a key enablement of greater efficiency, security and sustainability for both current buildings and the future of infrastructure in our cities and the impact this has on the greater community.

“The possibilities PropTech can realise for us is something that we cannot ignore in the sector. We can already see the benefits flow into the greater impact we can have on the safety and sustainability of our cities and communities. This is fulfilling the idea of supporting the whole-of-life of the built-form by enabling collaborative and technologically integrated practices that benefit everyone throughout the building lifecycle.”

“Champions and Mentors, which was established “For the mentors and sponsors promoting and supporting advancement for women”, was also awarded to Ms. Hendry for her achievements as a leader in the PropTech industry and as a mentor to aspiring women in business.

Since entering the role as CEO, her efforts have been categorised by actions which have furthered the discussion on, and implementation of, PropTech and smart-building technologies as a means to drive change within the Australian industry and increase the nation’s standing on a global scale.

CEO Emma Hendry

The other element which has remained a priority to her has been to enable people throughout the sector, particularly aspiring women, and furthering greater diversity and inclusivity within and external to Hendry through a series of initiatives.

Emma regularly lends herself to boards, academic institutions, peak industry organisations, media and various charities and not-for-profit organisations to provide thought provoking and powerful insights into leadership, diversity and inclusion.

To date, Ms. Hendry has been involved as a keynote speaker, course, content and standards collaborator, committee member, events and initiatives sponsor, judge and mentor across industry, academia, government and international engagements.

She has recognised that the emergence of new technologies and innovative business models requires a continual development and “up-skilling” to enable current and emerging professionals to stay at the head of the industry and further to train and prepare her workforce to transition into jobs and workplaces of the future.

“From the beginning, there was a great deal of opportunity and responsibility to become a role model and advocate for all manner of people, particularly women, and to provide an example of leadership that they can identify with and hopefully integrate in their own careers and as advocates for themselves” she said.

“Where diversity and inclusion are concerned; it is not only a moral obligation to enable an equitable culture for everyone, but as we have seen in repeat research, companies which have a more diverse and enabled workforce have shown increased success, growth, productivity and innovative potential. There should be no argument or hesitation about that.”

Following the awards, Emma commented on the dichotomy that she says exists between advocacy for people and for technology, particularly PropTech, as an agent of change across society as much as within the building, construction and property sectors.

“It is an interesting interplay between championing people and championing innovation, because by doing one you can effectively do the other.”

Headquartered in New York City, Women in PropTech advocates “increased adoption of technology in real estate through awareness, education and inspiration. It is dedicated to promoting thought leadership, tackling diversity issues, and connecting brilliant individuals working in the sector globally.”

With PropTech continuing to rise internationally, particularly as investment predictions exceed $20 to 30 billion next year, it is encouraging to see that leading and emerging minds are being recognised and awarded for their forward approach and willingness to engage and develop within this field.

Their perspectives will play a part in an upcoming editorial by Emma Hendry, discussing the outlook for the PropTech sector and the built-form in 2020.