Setting an example for Leadership: IML awards Emma Hendry as the “Emerging Leader” for 2018

Awarded earlier this morning, the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) selected Emma Hendry, CEO, as the “Emerging Leader” for the 2018 Sir John Storey Leadership Awards.

This year’s event saw significant participation across figureheads of industry and community leaders representing a range of industries in recognition of their contributions to innovation and leadership in the community.

The Sir John Storey Leadership Awards are presented in recognition of

“those who exemplify leadership values of excellence and integrity and encourages the highest ethical standards… award(ing) the prestigious distinctions and prizes to leaders and organisations to spotlight their achievements and provide support for their future development.”

Speaking on the awards, Ms Hendry said that

“Being presented this award in honour of Sir John Storey and his lifelong contribution to the world of management and leadership, and his dedication to cultivating a better Australia – is both reaffirming and inspiring to me.

What particularly resonated with me about Sir John’s legacy, was;

His dedication to social responsibility to his community, industry and Australia at large.

His promotion towards continually learning and development of the mastery of management & leadership

His pioneering work towards industry innovation, and realisation of the relationship and interconnectedness of industry, government and the workforce.

And finally, his advocation of gender diversity in the workplace – with 1/3 of his workforce at the Beaufort project consisting of women.”

In speaking of her current view Emma stated

 “Much like the uncertain and turbulent world in which Sir John contended with; Industry 1.0, pre and post-war Australia, today we are met with an ever-evolving new world and multifaceted political and socio-economic dynamics; as we also enter the fourth industrial revolution.

It is important more than ever, to take the teachings of our history, and forge a new model for leadership and management that will inspire a new generation of leaders and invoke progress and aspiration.

Throughout my journey to Hendry CEO, I have met with many obstacles and also many opportunities that have allowed me to discover and execute my objectives in ways which I hope may emulate the example of leaders past. These include:

Creating smarter, safer and more sustainable buildings, communities and cities for all.

Establishing a platform of mentorship and education through collaboration with universities to co-create courses, micro-credentials and present topical keynotes to provide inspiration and career pathways to emerging professionals.

Driving our industry forward to global recognition by delivering innovation and value creation throughout the ecosystem.”

In closing Ms Hendry stated “Most importantly, it would be remiss of me as a CEO and businesswoman not to use this platform as an opportunity to inspire greater action on diversity, inclusion and equality for all.

…I encourage all to never stop learning, find and follow your passion and be relentless in your pursuit of making a difference.”

As the backbone of the business, Emma has ensured Hendry is one of Australia’s largest and longest operating Built-Form Advisory firms, recognised internationally for their development of industry leading technologies and advocacy towards supporting integration of business growth and social responsibility on a global scale.

Emma Hendry has been called upon by members of Federal Government and global heads of industry to provide leading expertise on social and diversity issues, industry 4.0, Proptech and technological innovation as a basis for the expansion of business capabilities.



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