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First Attack Fire Fighting Training

An Emergency Planning Committee may consider First Attack Fire Fighting Training for specific occupant to be an appropriate response to a fire. If so, under AS3745-2010, First Attack Fire Fighting Training must be provided to those occupants to ensure they are able to competently execute their duties as detailed in the emergency response procedures. First Attack Fire Fighting Training recipients must be suitable to take on these extra duties.

Hendry can provide First-Attack Fire Fighting Training that meets with the requirements of AS3745-2010, including:

  • The duties of the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Preparing for fires that have relevance to the site
  • Reporting fires
  • Evacuating from endangered areas
  • Identifying, reporting and correcting unsafe conditions
  • Responding to fire emergencies
  • Identifying the classes of fireSelecting the correct first attack firefighting equipment
  • Safe operating procedures for first attack firefighting equipment
  • Determining if it is safe to use first attack firefighting equipment
  • Procedures to be followed after first attack firefighting equipment is used
  • Post evacuation training
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