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Hendry provides property owners and occupiers with fully compliant evacuation diagrams to meet the needs of the occupants as well as meeting statutory obligations.

These evacuation diagrams form part of the strategy to educate occupants of the features of the facility such as exit paths, location of first attack equipment and other emergency response equipment. Evacuation diagrams are signs that explain the actions to be taken in the event of an emergency. They contain a pictorial representation of a floor or area and other relevant emergency and evacuation information.

Hendry provides clients with evacuation diagrams that are orientated to their installation position with a ‘you are here’ label and are required to be displayed in locations where occupants and visitors are able to view them. The Emergency Planning Committee determines the quantity and position of the evacuation diagrams while Hendry can provide guidance to the Emergency Planning Committee to ensure sufficient evacuation diagrams are provided at strategic locations.

Hendry can also provide clients fire compartmentation plans and tactical fire plans for each property to comply with building permit conditions and safety measures requirements.

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