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Emergency Control Organisation Training

A requirement of AS3745-2010, the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) establishes an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to respond to emergencies. This is the ‘warden team’ that takes control and assists in actual emergencies. The members of the ECO need to undergo training to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake the duties set out in the emergency response procedures. Hendry provides clients with a comprehensive ECO training service by developing and implementing training programs appropriate to client requirements.

In Queensland, where the BFSR applies training meets these specific requirements, all training programs delivered by Hendry are developed to ensure personnel are competent to carry out their designated responsibilities and duties. Hendry also produces and develops additional ‘role specific’ training required by AS3745-2010 to be delivered to members of the Emergency Control Organisation appointed to the positions of chief warden, deputy chief warden, communications officer, floor or area wardens, wardens and first-attack firefighting specialists. Hendry also facilitates emergency response exercises.

‘Skill retention activities’ complete the range of ECO training available for delivery by Hendry. These activities, as determined by the EPC, are intended to be an ‘on-going’ opportunity for ECO personnel to revise, refine and reinforce their knowledge and skills.

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