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Australian Standard AS 3745 – Planning for emergencies in facilities mandates Chief Warden Training. Chief Warden Training  also includes their deputies and communication officers have additional training to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to command, control and coordinate a facility’s emergency control organisation.

Hendry ensures that Chief Warden training includes:

  • Roles and responsibilities with the emergency plan
  • Duties of the emergency planning committee
  • Duties of the emergency response team
  • Decision making, command and control
  • Record keeping
  • Actions for specific emergencies contained in the emergency response procedures
  • Coordination of communication during emergencies, including use of any installed specialised communication equipment such as SSIS/EWIS and OWS training
  • Liaison with Emergency Services
  • Coordination of evacuation activities
  • Implementation of post emergency activities in accordance with the emergency plan

Hendry will customise the chief warden training to ensure all requirements of AS 4083 – 2010 Planning for Emergencies – Healthcare Facilities are understood.

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