How COVID-Safe are you really?

People coming in, people going out. Client/Staff/Visitor interactions. Deliveries. Contractors, Maintenance. Emergencies. Commuting between work and home. Hygiene. Social distancing. Partial Vacancy. Return to work. PPE. The list goes on.

Have you had your plans checked for gaps?

Whichever state your business resides in, being prepared with a verified COVID-Safe plan minimises your risk and helps your business provide reassurance to employees and clients.


Health and Safety, especially now, cannot be an afterthought.

Businesses large and small are experiencing new challenges brought on by COVID-19 and the way it has shaped operations.

In response, changes to safe practices and protocols have been made month by month, and it appears that the challenges we are facing will give us lasting responsibilities for Health and Safety.

Some businesses have felt the impact of incomplete, hurried and unsupported planning when something does go wrong that jeopardises people's wellbeing & the wellbeing of the business. In the worst case scenario it had led to exposure to liability & life safety.

That's why we're here to prevent this from happening to you.

What are the risks?


  • Life Safety, Health & Wellbeing
  • Business Disruption
  • Site or Business Close & Loss of Work
  • Immediate Costs
  • Liability, fines or prosecution


  • Damage to your businesses reputation
  • Impact on work culture
  • Loss of Morale
  • Staff departure
  • Loss of trust

It's not an easy responsibility, and it's certainly not safe doing it all on your own.

Here are a few things to consider:

How do I know if I am COVID-Safe?

There are a number of key factors to ensuring COVID safety; from initial Business Continuity Planning to preparing Infection & Escalation processes and having prepared statements ready for clients or media.

You may have already considered many of these options. Maybe you've have drafted or implemented plans with your team. However, most SME's are limited by resources, lacking in specialist expertise and reined in by a tight budget as they try to ensure these plans are robust, effective, practicable and able to stand up against legislative requirements.

Do these factor into a COVID-Safe plan?

What factors should I have in place?


Yes, it is important that your COVID-Safe plan integrates the supporting plans

What we do


COVID-Safe Plans

We'll develop and deliver robust, compliant & integrated COVID-Safe Plans to keep everyone safe


COVID Gap Audit

We'll conduct a risk analysis to identify any gaps and show you how to solve them

Do you have an initial COVID-Safe Plan at hand?

Don't worry, we can develop a fully customised plan to your business.

This is the part where you ask "What are the steps?"

Glad you asked. Here's how it works.

Step 1


After an initial phone or video conference call,our in house OHS/WHS/Emergency and Crisis team will conduct a full review & audit of your existing plans, against your business requirements.

Step 2

Due Diligence

Our experts take care of all the necessary checks & balances with WorkSafe, industry associations and regulatory bodies to provide plans that are compliant, industry specific, practicable & clear all the necessary hurdles.

Step 3

Customisation & Delivery

Our experts will develop, strengthen and deliver a complete & customised COVID-Safe plan.

How long does it take?

Once we have your initial plans and site information, you'll have your plans ready within 3 days so you can get on with business safely.

As a cherry on top, we provide a complimentary COVID Gap Analysis which takes into consideration the totality of your plans, the baseline requirements and risks in your industry, as well as influencing internal & external factors to highlight any COVID gaps your business may be facing.

Done before you know it. Let us do the leg work.

What gaps do you look for?

Here are just some of the areas most businesses forget to look.


Risk Assessments

There may be greater risk for particular staff, visitors or suppliers who carry out different roles within your workplace or when carrying out their duties. These should be audited, documented and mitigated to stay on top.


Crisis Management

If an incident does occur, there may be little time to respond to everyone efficiently and effectively. It's important to have Crisis Specific response templates ready to issue to Staff, Clients, Suppliers, Visitors, Industry & Media to minimise disruption and avoid damage to your reputation or work culture.


Critical Incident Auditing

Who can you call to independently review the efficacy of your processes, like deep cleaning or a safe return to the work place?


Return to Work Plan

Returning to the site, office or building will look very different, and despite fewer people being on the building at present, you may be unaware that you still have on-site obligations. As an example covid-safe floor, hygiene and visitor plans.

Depending on the size of your business and type of operation, not all of this may be necessary, however if it is, just like forgoing a COVID-Safe Plan, it could put your business in as much danger.

Why things can go wrong

  1. Do you have these factors in place? Have you integrated all these factors into your COVID-Safe Plan?
  2. How have you ensured your staff are fully informed & adhering to protocol?
  3. Is your plan backed up by easy to consume information for specific protocols, such as travel, PPE or site visits?
  4. Does your workplace have a trained OHS/WHS or Emergency Provider? Have your plans been vetted by an external party? Can you see where your plans may expose you to risk or liability?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may be leaving your business, your staff and customers at risk.

Our team of experts are passionate about ensuring the safety & protection of businesses and their people. Get COVID-Safe today.

    Not very - We don't have a COVID-Safe plan or many of the other critical factors in placeReasonably - We have a COVID-Safe plan, but have not integrated the other critical factorsHighly - We have a COVID-Safe Plan in place and have considered other factors, but want to ensure it is robust

    Disclaimer: Works performed are based on present Government guidelines and based in the information and representations of the company engaging us as a consultant. Hendry is deemed an independent auditor, and not acting on behalf of the company or it's representatives.