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Building Surveying

Auditing and Inspections

Hendry’s experienced team provide a comprehensive in-house auditing and inspection service that encompasses the building’s fabric, internal condition and occupancy hazards. Having been commissioned to work on small to landmark buildings across many industries, our customised reports are presented on time, in-detail and include itemised costing. These reports provide crucial information to assist you with acquisitions, purchase strategies, timing liabilities, existing compliance and building development decisions.

Hendry Building Code of Australia audits will alert you to potential deficiencies in your building. A proposed upgrade, change of use or change of occupancy of a building will trigger the need for an upgrade of the building by a controlling authority resulting in bringing the building into compliance with current regulatory requirements. Working individually or as part of a team, we can provide owners or prospective building purchasers with a comprehensive BCA Audit. This audit will contain a range of issues designed to provide an accurate assessment of the status of the building, so that informed decisions can be made.

Our services include:

  • BCA Audits
  • Due Diligence Audits
  • Disability Assessments
  • Building Sub-divisions
  • Glazing Audits
  • Safety Measure Audits / Inspections
  • Condition Audits
  • Aged Care Audits
  • Quality Inspections
  • Initial Hazard Inspections
  • Dilapidation Audits
  • Mandatory Construction Inspections
  • Fire Safety Audits
  • Asset Schedules
  • As Built Drawings
  • Maintenance Access
  • Warning and Hazard Signage
Building Surveying - Auditing and Inspections
Building Surveying - Auditing and Inspections
Building Surveying - Auditing and Inspections
Building Surveying - Auditing and Inspections

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