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Work Health and Safety

2808, 2015

Evacuation Exercise: Trial Evacuations: When Things Go Wrong

Work Place Safety Assessors advise that observing trial evacuations (evacuation exercise) from facilities there has been plenty of opportunity to witness interesting incidents. ‘Facilities’ can refer to a wide range of buildings such as office blocks, [...]

2707, 2015

Exit Paths: AS 3745-2010: Work Health Safety

NSW – Work Place Safety Assessors advise that property managers should not rely on the report from their annual evacuation exercise under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’ to ensure the paths of travel to exits are [...]

707, 2015

Building & Work Health Safety Legislation

AUST – Work Place Safety Assessors advise that building owners, occupiers or employers of a building inherit obligations under various statutory legislation to ensure building works, alterations, occupation of a building and the inspection, testing and maintenance [...]

704, 2015

NSW: Working at Heights: Work Health Safety

NSW – Work Place Safety Assessors advise occupiers and those who manage or control workplaces that a Work Safe Australia work health safety publication covers the responsibilities of those nominated in the Act/Regulations. Work Place [...]