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Primary school students sit at desks with paper and pencils

What are the best things to focus on when emergency planning for a school's safety? Learn about flexible planning and layered security.

Sydney city from the view of the harbour.

When reviewing building code compliance in Australia, it is difficult to say whether we have learned from past mistakes.

A fire alarm and fire extinguisher inside of a building.

Check out our helpful recipe for a stress-free Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) submission experience for property owners.

An industrial building

The BCA has 3 approaches to demonstrate compliance. A performance solution, a deemed to satisfy (DtS) solution and a combined approach.

An elderly woman sits on her patio in a retirement village.

The new Secretary Guidelines for Asset Management Plans outlines the responsibilities of aged care facilities in New South Wales.

The outline of a man wearing a high visibility vest and holding a rolled up building plan looks over a futuristic city.

Asset resilience is a critical component of your asset management plan and strategy in the face of natural disasters and climate change-related events.