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Hendry Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

“Digitalisation of the built-form environment is already facilitating improvements in how we design, construct, operate, maintain and optimise our assets. We are now able to enrich our experience and interaction with the built-form and analyse how these assets will perform in future.”

We specialise in developing, implementing and advising on the latest in digitalisation, smart-building and smart-city technology.

Hendry Infinity Client Portal

We collaborate with our clients and incorporate their business needs into our solutions, to create industry leading outcomes.

A web-based client portal, accessible 24/7 with a secure login, Hendry Infinity Portal is a central hub that houses:







Embedded Tools

  • Client Portal (Gateway): A 24/7 accessible web-based client portal with secure login. Gateway is a central hub that houses account information, a client help desk, collaboration spaces, online training, checklist tools and the Hendry Infinity platform.
  • Hendry Infinity: A dynamic and advanced analytical platform that is fully integrated into the delivery of our service offerings. This enables for real-time data to be transferred to real-time reporting. Our suite of services and tools come to life through the Infinity platform with customised interactive dashboards and the ability to generate advanced analytical insights.
  • Online Training: An online training platform that enables flexible and bespoke training for Fire Safety and Emergency Training. This highly interactive training tool provides real-time analytics on performance, trends and status.
  • Digital Inspections (DI): A diverse set of smart data capture tools that digitalises the built-form environment into dynamic and insightful datasets. These include; bespoke auditing software, smart data capture devices, advance image capture, collaboration and live-streaming.
  • Whole of Life (WoL): An advanced life-cycle modelling tool that predicts asset utilisation and deterioration. It uses scalable, accurate and interactive analytics in conjunction with sophisticated modelling systems, to manage and optimise the whole life of your assets.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation (RAaM): A strategic legal and governance risk management tool that is risk weighted and aligned to the relevant standards and codes. It allows you to implement a robust and defensible risk mitigation strategy, whilst managing and prioritising your expenditure.
  • Validity: A performance management system. This tool offers you verification, validation and close-out of contractor performance, project/ defect status and KPI tracking, through utilising smart technology, advanced analytics and compliance-based checklists.

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