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Victorian Building Interim Regulations 2017 Repealed

This weekend the Victorian Building Interim Regulations 2017 were repealed.  New building regulations have been legislated (Building Regulations 2018) including several changes affecting all Victorian registered building practitioners, the industry within which they operate and those in the community who intend to undertake building work….

Combustible Cladding Risk Assessment

Building owners and property professionals will need to be aware that relevant statutory authorities have now accelerated an investigation into Combustible Cladding on advice from the Various State Governments. Industry experts estimate there may be more than five thousand buildings in Victoria alone that contain…

Emergency Planning for 2018

As the landscape of our towns, cities, homes and workplaces changes we are seeing new emergency planning challenges faced by building/facility owners/managers, occupiers and employees.  These challenges are being driven by: An increase of mixed-use developments seeing occupants live, work and play in the same…