Case Study: CBM Australia

Case Study -
CBM Australia

CBM is an international Christian development organisation devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest places on earth. Poverty and disability go hand in hand creating a cycle of inequality, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty. Through 110-year history and over 30 years in Australia, CBM have developed proven community-based programs that help millions of people benefit from real, lasting change.

The Requirement

Asset Capture and Site Audits

  • Conduct full asset capture, barcoding all assets and creating an asset register.
  • Undertake condition audits of captured assets and provide lifecycle costing.
  • Undertake BCA compliance audits to ensure all legislative requirements are met.

Provide recommendations on suitable Contractor Management Systems (CMS) and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

  • CMMS: Following the development of the Asset Register the client wanted to review the usage of CMMS tools to manage and operate preventative and reactive maintenance as well as lifecycle projections.
  • CMS: CBM wanted to improve how contractor compliance and site inductions were being managed. It was important to ensure that contractors are correctly inducted and required certifications were in place prior to commencement of site works.

Workshop and deliver a Strategic Asset Management Plan that establishes:

  • The definition of the policy, strategy and plans for managing assets.
  • The linkage between organisational objectives, assets and capital and operational works.
  • The organisational measures for successful asset management
  • Governance, Reporting, Auditing and Continuous Improvement
  • Planned Maintenance schedules inclusive of legislative requirements
  • 30-year Asset Replacement and Refurbishment Plan

Our Approach

Asset Capture and Site Audits

As a first step the data requirements were mapped based on our knowledge of industry best practice which was then discussed with the customer to ensure their needs were met. Our experienced assessors then used our tablet based digital asset and defect capture tool to record audit findings in real time while on site. The apps back up the data to the cloud via mobile connectivity to ensure the data captured is securely stored. The Asset Register, summary report and raw data were then provided to the customer in the format requested.

Provide recommendations on suitable Contractor Management Systems (CMS) and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Hendry was engaged to provide as assessment and comparison of three CMMS vendors with advice relevant to CBM Australia including pricing to both implement and operate ongoing. A final recommendation was provided including required next steps and relevant contacts to continue the process. The desired functionality by the client was discussed and converted into a matrix to assess the vendors. We researched and identified three potential vendors that would closely suit the needs of the client and assessed their functionality and services against the clients needs. The findings were then reported to the client.

Workshop and deliver a Strategic Asset Management Plan

The strategic asset management plan framework was drafted using the ISO55000 framework. This framework was then utilised to conduct a discovery workshop with CBM Australia to ensure the organisational context was accurately reflected. This included items such as the strategic objectives, challenges, currently identified risks and opportunities and the future direction as applicable to the assets covered by the plan. Our in-house experts then defined the initial draft of the plan for review and discussion with CBM. The plan included the linkage between the assets and organisational, current risks and opportunities, asset management plan, preventative and reactive maintenance plan, asset replacement and replacement plan, compliance management, contractor management, performance monitoring and the reporting and continuous improvement process.


Asset Capture and Site Audits

  • Established baseline of site assets and condition.
  • Assessment of remaining life, replacement costs and forecast year of replacement.
  • Clarity of compliance obligations being met

Provide recommendations on suitable Contractor Management Systems (CMS) and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

  • Established an understanding of platform options and assessment against the functionality desired with estimation of set up and ongoing costs.

Workshop and deliver a Strategic Asset Management Plan

  • Established a plan that defines the strategy for managing assets to achieve organisational objectives with a clear understanding of the budget considerations. Success measures, governance and continuous improvement to ensure this is an ongoing activity was also defined.

From the client

"Having a reliable partner in Hendry has provided us with a level of confidence surrounding one of our major assets – our facility – that we have not previously experienced. Having Hendry working alongside us has resulted in stronger management and processes whilst freeing us to concentrate on our core business."

Aaron Mitchell
Head of Business Performance