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Asset Optimisation

Asset Optimisation offers a full suite of specialised advisory services tailored to specific client needs with a focus on technical and innovative solutions within the built-form industry. Whether it be solving operational challenges, enabling smart analytics of big data or delivering a complete tender, Hendry is committed to providing a client-focussed & unbiased approach. Ensuring every solution aligns to a measurable client benefit is at the heart of Asset Optimisation.

    Benefits to the client:

    • Reduced risk
    • Long-term cost savings
    • Time efficiencies
    • Optimised asset performance
    • Increased focus on core business
    • Independent expert advice
    • Strong business development skills
    • Significant in-house building technologies experience
    • Finger-on-the-pulse with latest innovation solutions
    • Focus on data-driven visualisations for decision making
    • In-house software solutions team

    Point of difference to our competitors

    Hendry offer a client-focussed advisory service delivered by industry professionals who hold decades of facility management experience. The Asset Optimisation team draw on their knowledge and experience from facility operations management, asset management, business development, building technologies and project management to provide exceptional quality-considered solutions.

    Hendry are driven by a desire to simplify and automate processes across all sectors of asset management and compliance. Leveraging technology, where proven advantageous, improves client risk profiles and enables more informed and faster decision making.

    Regardless of whether clients wish to develop their first asset register or attain multi-national ISO 55000 accreditation, Hendry will align with clients every step of the way.

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