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Asset Optimisation

The potential of an asset is fully realised when they are operated at maximum efficiency with the greatest longevity and for the lowest cost.

We are driven by a desire to simplify solutions across all sectors of asset management, optimisation and compliance.

Through solving performance challenges, enabling smart analytics to utilise big data or delivering a complete tender solution, Hendry is committed to resolving your asset management issues. Ensuring every solution aligns to a measurable client benefit is at the heart of Asset Optimisation.

    Asset optimisation is more than maintenance, it’s maximising potential. Our approach considers the state of existing infrastructure, alongside present needs and anticipated future demands to provide solutions which work to keep you compliant, reduce risk, optimise and future proof your asset portfolio.
    Hendry use the latest in technology to create an immersive virtual representation of the built-form. Clients can accurately replicate asset data through the use of our exclusive 360-degree imaging and environment mapping tools enabling you to plan, prepare and carry out maintenance and project works faster, smarter and safer than ever before.

    Augmented reality applications can host any digital content and the physical spatial mapping and location tracking enables assets and locations to be identified without traditional identifiers. This technology permits users to move around a facility and interact with data; such as maintenance history, commissioning data, service manuals, usage data, and trend analysis.

    Our tools pave the way for us to deliver accurate modelling of asset lifecycle and cost predictions relating to maintenance, depreciation and replacement across the entire client portfolio.

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