CodeMark Certification:
What, Why, How

What is CodeMark Certification?

CodeMark Certification is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme that provides compliance of building materials, forms of construction and designs under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Volumes One and Two of the National Construction Code.

How does it affect the industry?

CodeMark Certification has a positive impact on the industry in that it provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity. Products certified under CodeMark are recognised nationally as being compliant with specific requirements of the BCA.

What are the major changes to the scheme rules that were implemented in 2016?

As a result of the Senate enquiry review of non-conforming and non-compliant product, various changes to the CodeMark scheme rules were recommended and implemented. These changes establish a common approach and provide greater clarity for end-users of the product. The key changes to the scheme rules are:

  • Splitting the Australian and New Zealand schemes, leading to separate operation and administration. ABCB continues to retain ownership of the Scheme Rules and JASANZ takes on the administrator role.
  • Hosting of the product database on the administrator’s (JASANZ) website
  • The scheme is now underpinned with more robust supportive control documents developed by the ABCB and referenced in the new CodeMark Australia Scheme rules.
  • Relocation of the framework for risk analysis assessment from the scheme rules to the more appropriate functions of the CBs.
  • Removal of mandatory factory or site visits and the introduction of post-manufacture or supply-chain surveillance.

What is the difference between CodeMark Australia and CodeMark New Zealand? 

While there are some differences in the governance of the schemes, from a practical perspective the only significant difference is the obvious one that they relate to each country’s specific building code.

The NZ Certification is against the New Zealand Building Code which, like Australia’s Code, is performance-based. In general, the performance levels are similar but are expressed differently. What sets the NZ Code apart is having an explicit code covering durability of buildings and their components.

How does CodeMark affect Hendry? 

Hendry provides Unrestricted Building Certifier (UBC) services to two product certification bodies, SAI Global and Bureau Veritas. The concept of UBC was introduced as an explicit requirement for CBs to have access to and use people with specific knowledge in the respective building codes. This helps ensure that certificates, in particular, are clear to users, use terms known by industry, adequately scope the use of the products and identify the correct code clauses. Under the new CodeMark Australia Scheme Rules, the UBCs are now obliged to involve themselves earlier in the evaluation plan process, which the ABCB believes will mitigate some of the incorrect BCA.

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