Recruiting the future

As part of our ongoing collaboration with RMIT, Hendry took on three top students for a 12-week internship through the university’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement program. Now those promising and passionate students — Ling Guo, Alif Darwis and Tony Dinh — are starting casual positions at Hendry while completing their studies.

The students were drawn to Hendry because of its reputation for being a leader in the industry. Ling says that she wanted to be a part of a company that she could grow with.

“Here we can actually do some work that makes a difference, as corny as that sounds.”

Tony and Alif were impressed by the high-level clientele Hendry has worked with. Alif says when he saw Hendry had surveyed universities, airports and hospitals, he had a good feeling for the company. “These guys know what they’re doing — they must be leading.”

By far the most exciting thing for all three students is the modern technologies being developed at Hendry. The digital transformation has also made it more alluring to the new generation coming up. In the previous paper-based way of doing things, this industry might not have seemed so attractive but Hendry’s digital development means that it’s drawing young people with an interest in tech.

“As ambitious uni students, we’re really excited about the new technology,” says Alif. “If we were to work at Hendry and keep going, for example, we’d be excited to work as technicians out in the field actually using the platforms and surveying the buildings themselves. I think that would be really interesting.”

Tony mentions how moving towards digitalisation is much more efficient, as well as being environmentally friendly, by not using paper anymore. “Now using the iPad dashboard system, if there’s any problem in the field because people in the office can help out updating anything on the program because it will go straight through to the iPad. I find that really efficient.”

“It also saves so much time,” says Ling. “I’ve talked to some of the surveyors and assessors that have to fly interstate so it automatically saves those hours in flying time just because we don’t have to go back to keep checking anything; it’s just all there online for them to see. If there are any mistakes you can spot them straight away.”

All three students have found their internship experience valuable, especially being able to apply their skills and actually make an impact with their work.

“Everyone has been very welcoming, very patient with us,” says Ling. “We don’t feel hesitant to ask any questions, we can come forward with any ideas, because the new technology is new for everyone and not just new for us. We can integrate ourselves with the team.”

“Overall, we’ve come in at an exciting time, where Hendry is transitioning and everyone’s doing it at the same time,” says Alif.

“Everyone here is learning together,” says Tony.

Learning to be leaders — as well as being part of a team — is just one thing the students have taken from their internship. They specifically credit Safety Measures Team Leader Renee for being a fantastic role model and plan to bring the lessons she’s taught them into their new casual roles.

“I would definitely like to take up a leadership role like what Renee’s doing,” says Ling. “Having someone who is so inspiring in the way she works is amazing if you want to be a leader and see what a leader should be like.”

Giving his advice for other RMIT students interested in applying for a Hendry internship, Alif says just go for it. “You have nothing to lose when you do an internship. It’s a win-win situation, experience-wise, and it gives you an edge over other students.”

“Just be open to anything,” adds Ling. “Everything in the end comes in handy for your future career. Have an open mind and take in everything that you learn.”

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