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Council Building Notice

AUST – Hendry advises building owners and property professionals that some local councils are undertaking a “combined inspection process” on existing buildings under the building regulations resulting in the issuing of a building notice. In adopting this approach they encompass detection of illegal building works, change of occupancy or use, poorly maintained essential safety measures, Annual Fire Safety Statements fraudulently signed, dangerous buildings and buildings needing to be upgraded to community expectations. A building notice will identify changed conditions in a building regardless of when the illegal buildings works were performed or when a change of occupancy or change of use has occurred. In most states, the owner will receive the building notice and is responsible for making the building comply with the building notice, even though the tenant could have caused the problem. Property owners/professionals must be aware that if you receive this type of building notice, the consequences could be significant in terms of cost than when compared to an infringement notice under the applicable essential safety measures regulations. Upon receipt of a building notice we suggest you seek advice from Hendry before talking to council.