Glazing Audits: Building Audit

AUST – Hendry provides glazing audits/glass audits for clients to establish compliance with local standard or nominated by the client for their existing building or portfolio of buildings, especially prior to applying for a building approval. Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Case Law highly the necessity of building owners, property managers, facility managers and tenants owe a duty of care to the occupants and users of a building. Many existing buildings contain glass in windows, side panels, doors and partitions that don’t comply with current legislation. The glass installation may have complied at the time of construction, but in a number of cases this no longer meets current statutory expectations, glazing audits/glazing assessments need to be considered. Glazing audits by Hendry follow a stringent protocol in line with our glazing audit methodology to ensure our inspection, recording, regulation assessment, risk assessment and recommendations to clients are clearly understood and area able to be costed.