AUST – HENDRY building surveyors advise that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Part D1 Provision for Escape in Clause D1.3 depicts the requirements for when fire-isolated stairways and ramps are required. The following information will help clients understand this Clause.

Building Code of Australia: Clause – Issue

What options are available when a stair connects three storeys under the BCA?

Building Code of Australia: Clause – Explanation

D1.3 (b) does not allow a stair to directly connect three storeys unless the building is sprinkler protected. The stair however can pass through or pass by another storey provided it does not connect more than three storeys. In this example, the basement stair flight (part B) has a 60 minute fire resistance level (FRL) separation from part A stair 1. The remaining section of the stair connects ground and level 1 only and stair 2 connects basement and ground floor only therefore they will comply with D1.3. Openings in the basement stair enclosure cannot permit the passage of fire or smoke.

The following illustration from BCA Illustrated depicts fire-isolated exits in a Class 5 building:


Building Legislation Table

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