AUST – HENDRY building surveyors advise that the Building Code of Australia (BCAPart D1 Provision for Escape contains clause D1.8 External Stairways or Ramps in lieu of Fire-Isolated exits. The following information will help clients understand this clause.

Building Code of Australia: Clause – Issue

The external exit stair must not be exposed to openings in the building under Part D1 of the BCA.

Building Code of Australia: Clause – Explanation

Under the BCA an external stair can be used in buildings in lieu of fire isolated exit stairways. The building must have an effective height of less than 25m. No openings within 3m of the external stair are permissible and the stair must be of non combustible construction. Openings between 3m and 6m from the external stair require protection (two solutions are available to protect the external stair).