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AUST – Essential Property Services advises that Essential Safety Measures building legislation around Australia provides for the ongoing maintenance of fire doors and fire door inspections under AS 1851-2005 ‘Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipped’ (or similar), specifically fire door clearances.

Building Code of Australia

The Building Code of Australia nominates the type and location of fire doors to be installed in buildings in Australia under Part C3 ‘Protection of Openings’. Fire doors are required to be installed by the BCA to AS 1905.1-2005 ‘Components for the protection of openings in fire resistant walls: Fire-resistant doorsets’. Fire door inspections are required to be approved by a Building Surveyor under various state legislation prior to usage or the fire doors in a building.

Routine Fire Door Inspections

Essential Property Services provides fire door inspections and smoke doors inspections throughout Australia. During some of these fire door inspections we see first hand the apparent apathy of some building owners, property managers and even occupiers themselves towards other occupiers’ life safety, which may lead to Council-issued building notices.

AS 1851: Door Clearances

Table of AS 1851-2005 sets our the criteria for clearances to a fire door to the fire door jamb in the closed position e.g. 3mm head and hinge side, door seat rebate 5mm and bottom 10mm at the threshold. Fire door inspections should always include checking these clearances.

Defective Fire Doors – Fire Door Clearances

The following fire doors are some examples from our fire door inspections that have defective clearances that inhibit the fire door to close properly in accordance with AS 1851.

Further Advice

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