AUST – HENDRY building surveyors advise that the Building Code of Australia Part C3 Protection of Openings contains Clause C3.2 Protection of Openings in External Walls. Clients will find the following information helpful in their understanding of this clause.

 Building Code of Australia: Clause – Issue

Can opening exist 1.4m from the boundary line in a single storey part of a multi storey Class 2 building under Part C3 of the Building Code of Australia?

Building Code of Australia: Clause – Explanation

Under the Building Code of Australia an opening in the external walls of the building that require a fire resistance level must be protected when closer than 3m to a fire source feature (FSF) i.e a fire window. Other than in New South Wales, the openings must be at least 1.5m from the FSF however a 1m distance applies to a single storey building. If the construction of the single storey part does not contribute to the spread of fire to the upper levels or to or from the building an alternative solution could possibly permit the openings less than 1.5m from the boundary.

The following illustration from BCA Illustrated depicts protection of openings in external walls in a Class 2 building under Building Code of Australia Part C3.

C3.2 Protection of openings in external walls - Class 2 building

BCA Illustrated

 BCA Illustrated contains 109 illustrations (each containing an issue, explanation, references and an illustration) in Part C3 Protection of Openings.

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