AUST – Essential Property Services advises that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in Part C3 ‘Protection of Openings’ contains BCA Clause 3.7 ‘Protection of doorways’ in horizontal exits (fire doors). HENDRY building surveyors are presented with a number of designs incorporating fire doors that do not comply or are revealed during fire door inspections. The fire door illustration below may help.

Building Code of Australia: BCA Clause C3.7 – Issue

‘Protection of doorways’ (fire doors) in horizontal exits within Class 7 or 8 buildings.

Building Code of Australia: BCA Clause C3.7 – Explanation

Doorways forming part of a horizontal exit within a Class 7 or 8 building must consist of two self or automatic closing fire doors with respective fire resistance levels of each fire door leaf not less than half of that required for the fire wall in which they are situated. However each fire door leaf must have an insulation level of not less than 30.

The following illustration from BCA Illustrated depicts the protection of fire doors in a horizontal exit in a Class 7 or 8 building.


BCA Illustrated

BCA Illustrated contains 109 illustrations (each containing and issue, explanation, references and an illustration) in Part C3 – ‘Protection of Openings’

Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures

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